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At our October 18, 2016, meeting, we invited speaker/reenactor Tony Domingo to join us with his wife, Louise, and two of his associates, George and Debbie Kane. Tony spoke on the evolution of the weaponry during the Revolutionary War. The ladies talked to us about the dresses of the period.

Giving the Historical Preservation award to Kim Erickson of Honesdale PA

Doreen Bensen, Barbara Braton Gropper, Charlene Edgerton, and Karlyn Leslie-Shedlowski, members of the Wayne Chapter, presented a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Saturday, July 23, 2016, along the Delaware River in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania. The soldier is one of many who fought valiantly in the Battle of Minisink at Minisink Ford, across the river on the New York side.

Our members posed for pictures for the News Eagle newspaper in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Barbara Braton Gropper spoke on behalf of our Wayne Chapter and chapters everywhere that engage in many activities to advance our national motto: God, Home, Country. Ms. Gropper continued her speech by thanking the Ecker Haupt Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for caring for this grave. Included in her thanks were the sponsors: Ecker Haupt VFW; the Mt Laurel VFW Post; Pike County commissioners; the Lackawaxen twp supervisors; and George Fluhr, Pike County historian. She finished by honoring all patriots who participated in the American Revolutionary War.

On April 8, 2017, the Wayne Chapter NSDAR honored their member, Marjorie M. O'Neill, by presenting her with a 50 year pin. Members in the picture are Marjorie O'Neill, daughter Lourdes O'Neill Brown and Carol Lucy Cipriano 

May 16, 2017 meeting welcomed two members dressed as ladies from 1770's and 1860's. Carol Cipriano donned the common dress of the era, including straw hat and mob cap. Danielle Caputi dressed in a beautiful ladies dress complete with gloves, spoon hat and hooped skirt. The two members discussed the difference between the two eras and the fashion of the time.


On Saturday, July 22, 2017, five members from our chapter put flowers on the grave of the Unknown Soldier of the Revolutionary War during the memorial ceremony put on by the VFW post. The ladies were Barbara Gropper, Carol Cipriano, Karlyn Shedlowski, Charlene Edgerton, and Nicole Heiser. Afterwards, we attended the unveiling of the memorial at the site of the Battle of Minisink 

Barbara Gropper, Regent, and Eloise Fasshauer, Chaplain, welcome our new members Nichole Heiser and Linda Kupchick at the Sept., 2017 meeting

Wreath donated by Wayne Chapter NSDAR for 2017 Fall Meeting raffles 

Charlene Edgerton and Carol Cipriano with Brian Patrick Mulligan, Ben Franklin impersonator

Eloise Fasshauer presented Youth Citizenship Award to Emma Modrovsky at Wayne HighlandsSchool

Barbara Gropper awarding a flag to our speaker, Tim Oset, Park Ranger. Time spoke on the Leni Lenape Indians. Oct. 2017

Members Barbara Gropper, Carol Cipriano and Charlene Edgerton attended the 2017 PSSDAR Fall Meeting in Harrisburg on Sept. 30, 2017


Jennie Brownscomb

One of the Early Members of Our Chapter and renowned artist

1850 - 1936

Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas



Santa and Mrs. Claus visited us at our chapter Christmas Party on December 11. Seen here with Vice-regent, Carol Cipriano. Santa told us about Christmas Past.

DAR at Tomb.JPG

2018 trip to Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Lackawaxen. Taken from News Eagle Newspaper Article. Carol Cipriano in period dress, Barbara Gropper, Regent and Doreen Bensen, Treasurer.

Induction of new members - Iulo and Frec

Eloise Faushauer and Charlene Edgerton at induction of new members Mary Iulo and Ruth Frech. April 13, 2019

lawrence Wood and Cindy Wolf.jpg

Lawrence Wood and Cindy Wolf, re-enactors. Our May, 2019 speakers


Chapter members Doreen Bensen, Barbara Gropper, Carol Cipriano, Charlene Edgerton, and Nichole Heiser  at the Milford Library May 25, 2019. Our members were helping others find their patriots.


Board Meeting at Boat House, Honesdale on August 19, 2019. Present are Barbara Gropper, Doreen Bensen, Charlene Edgarton, Carol Cipriano, and Nichole Heiser.

Nancy Gumble Gravesite - Mary Iulo, Eloi

Dedication of DAR marker at gravesite of Nancy Gumble, Present are Mary Iulo, Eloise Fasshauer, Charlene Edgarton, Carol Brown, and not pictured Carol Cipriano


September 25, 2019, Dedication of the new plaque for the childhood home of Jennie Brownscombe. Pictures left to right Sally Talaga, Ruth Frech, Barbara Gropper, Charlene Edgarton, Eloise Fasshauer, Carol Cipriano, Onslo Scullin ( current homeowner), Joan Elmore, Nichole Heiser with son, Briar, Peter Decker, and kneeling Kinga Scullin (Current Homeowner).


Peter Decker, Wayne County Historian, holding sketch, self-portrait of Jennie Brownscombe, that Jennie gave his mother.


New plaque in place at Jennie Brownscombe's childhood home.

Chapter trip to Grey Towers 2 - Copy.jpg

Chapter Members on tour of Grey Towers, Milford, PA

Doreen 10th.jpg

Doreen Bensen receives her certificate for 10 years in DAR.

DAR yard sale 1.jpg
DAR yard sale 2.jpg
Daughters awesome recipes.jpg

Busy at work at our first yard sale to benefit the chapter. Great day at The Columns in Milford October 11, 2020. 

Chapter's Cookbook on sale at

honoring a DAR member - Edna Bozette_edited.jpg

Honoring a DAR Member who has passed- Edna Bozette. She was a member of a nearby chapter - Wyoming Valley.  Attending her funeral are Wayne Chapter members Eloise Fasshauer, Charlene Edgerton, and Susie Frisch

2022 Christmas Party DAR.jpg

2022 Christmas meeting for our chapter, attending: Dotty Lees, Eloise Fasshauer, Mary Iulo, Nichole Lorusso-Heiser, Bette Eagan, Charlene Edgerton, Jacqueline Saladino , Doreen Bensen, Linda Kupchick, Ruth Frech, Carol Cipriano. What a great time at Cora's Restaurant.

Aiden LaTourette scholarship winner.jpg

Scholarship winner Aiden La Tourette, his mom Linda, and Lourdes Brown from our chapter

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